Some Recent Developments and Trends in Antiques Auctions

January 13, 2017

With the year coming to an end, iGavel Auctions is reviewing data from the year past.  In the art and antique auction arena in 2016, there were some interesting trends seen in the online marketplace.

1. Online bidding continues to gain momentum, with 35% of bids now happening on the Internet.

2. Of those that have purchased items in an auction, 50% have done so only online.

3. More and more “Millennials” are buying antiques online, due to the quality of the items found at their fingertips, and the excitement of competing for a piece they love.

4. More online sales, means fewer printed catalogues. Rather than a single static image many online auction houses offer multiple images. And on several including we leave the data online so it can be used as a resource to allocate historic prices.

5. Millennials seem to prefer shopping from mobile devices, and happily is mobile responsive.

6. Per their research, more and more consumers prefer buying from auctions because they pay better prices, for unique and high quality items, which are an investment rather than simply functional.

7. When shopping online, consumers value ease of bidding, transparency of information, and reliable fulfillment.

iGavel Auctions – a trusted leader in the online art and antique auction world – offers shoppers and bidders exactly what they are looking for:

• ease of viewing and shopping for a wide variety of unique items, including art, antiques, furniture, accessories and other decorative items;

• transparent pricing and information;

• simple payment processing; and 

• a variety of delivery options.


SOURCES: To read the complete articles, which includes the data gathered by Barneby’s (a leading search engine aggregator for art and antique auctions), click here, as well as here.